How Much Does a Marketing Agency Charge Per Hour

By the hour: This is how most agencies charge for their services – by the hour. Each service provider on the team has an hourly rate. Each service provider on the team has an hourly rate. You pay for the number of hours they work on your project (sometimes, the entire team has a single "blended" rate").

How Much Does a Marketing Consultant Cost? As with any other service provider, each marketing consultant will have their own fee structure. The most common are: 1. Hourly Rate. Some consultants charge by the hour to complete a project.

A per-hour fee makes them nervous, as they don’t know how many hours I will rack up. Quoting a project based on a good faith estimate of what it takes me to to the work assures I get paid fairly for my efforts.

In our region (western canada), a typical agency rate band will be between $100 & $175 per hour for services ranging from project management to graphic design, illustration, programming or creative direction.

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Consulting fees can range anywhere from $20 an hour to $200 (or more) an hour depending on experience, the company you’re working with and your knowledge of it, industry, location, and other factors. A reasonable way to determine your hourly rate is to use an "hours worked in the year" formula: desired salary Number of Hours Worked Per Year = Hourly Rate.

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Agencies in business from 2 to 5 employees and 6 to 10 employees actually charge more on average than those that have 11 to 20 employees. seo agencies are also still unsure how to price themselves, as there are more variations. Depending on years of experience, hourly rates range from $145 to about $181.

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